Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Re-visiting the hold an object trick!

Someone asked me how do you teach that. It starts with wrapping a paw around a pole. My dogs all need a refresher!! I think I may have missed making sure they REALLY grab the pole before I moved on to holding an object?Or I just need to work this out a little more. And Roscoe is SO insane, he wants to pick it up himself and he does well and has a good hold, but he needs to sit up more. I was very glad that Colby was so into it!! She is definitely feeling better!!! Still needs xanax most mornings to have a good appetite, but she is eating pretty well.

They are bored, the cold has meant fewer walks for them. This new snow we got worries me some as now I won't be able to see the ice, but that just means I MUST wear my cleats! Rain coming tomorrow, maybe it will be enough to wash away ALL the snow!!! THAT would be nice!!! Probably what will happen is it will wash away most, but then the well packed snow will just end up a SHEET of ice. Damn it all.

1 comment:

  1. Such a fun trick! I should revisit it with the Toller. Vito loved it, but never got past just wanting to thump it to his chest repeatedly.

    Glad to hear Colby is doign well!