Friday, January 11, 2013

I know, where have I been????

OK, so our bathroom re-do is moving along, but not without some bumps in the road. MAJOR bumps in the road. Like having to fire the guy we hired and that just plain SUCKED. Turns out he really did dupe us and was WAY over faced on this project. He should never have accepted it and totally did not let on to us his lack of abilities. In fact, because of his poor workmanship the project will end up costing a lot more than necessary and there are some pretty major issues we are dealing with. It's all good in the end, but for the fact of extra cost! Plus, having to deal with his current invoice. We "owe" him for the work he did. Huh. Really? I don't think so. We will sure be considering how much he has cost us and will deal with that as the project finishes up.

It WILL be nice and I am starting to think about paint colors. :D Getting VERY sick of the noise and construction dust, but the new guys are very nice and doing a great job.

No new photos. The snow is still here, any new photos will all look just like the last ones snow shoeing. White snow, black dogs. But, here are some of Spur's trial videos from last weekend.

I loved this run. It just felt good. Connected. I never got too far ahead, I showed him the way and he came out of the tunnel before the weaves knowing where he was going and he doesn't slow down for his entry and drives nicely through his weaves. Felt good!!!

This one we were not as connected off the start. Slower into his weaves, but we did an awesome "push" on jump 6, the red wing jump second before the yellow tunnel. Everyone was freaking out about that as we don't see that in AKC much, but for Spur that was easy. We have trained those lately and this one was just easy!!! Then he missed the jump after the yellow tunnel, not sure why I seem to indicate it pretty well, but he just ran past it. He finishes up nicely, though!!!! Yikes, I run the outside line and nearly behead myself on the wall support!! :O

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  1. Nice runs! I was a little scared you were going to run into a wall or jump on the ending of that last run though!