Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snow shoeing!

Boy, is my body feeling it! Amazing how I think I am in such good shape, then try something different. Just different muscles needed, I guess. Seems like walking muscles would do, but not quite. Roscoe made it out a couple times, even! He tends to get too cold, but we had some sun that warmed him enough. Spur manages now that I trimmed his paw hairs. On occasion, if it isn't sunny he gets cold feet, but usually can tough it out. The next few days I am not sure I will even attempt it with him. Too cold!!

We tried bringing Colby once the trails were packed pretty well, but she wasn't happy. The bright sun off the snow is not good for her sight. Sucks. Her world is DEFINITELY smaller now with this snow. She isn't eating well, she just seems to feel like crap all the time. Did I say it sucks? Yes, it SUCKS. I give her some xanax in the morning and that seems to stimulate her appetite. I bring out her favorite ball to play some on the bed, keeping Spur away from it, if I can. But, she is just not a happy dog. She isn't aging gracefully. SUCKS!!!

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