Monday, December 31, 2012

Well, the new year is fast upon us!!

And, boy, am I glad to see 2013 end. It seems like it has been a rough year. Several friends have either died or been diagnosed with cancer. I turned 50. Not that it is a bad thing, but when you are this age I think it means friends get sick and die. At least, that is my assessment! I must accept it and move on. But, damn it is hard to do. Hard to stay positive in the midst of bad news. Is this what they call a "mid-life crisis"??

OK, not to dwell on the negative, there were a LOT of positives!! For 14 year old Roscoe is as strong as ever, in awesome health and he even got to play agility last week!!! I am going to make sure he gets out to play at class a little more. He sure enjoyed himself. Watch for yourself and watch his banking out of the yellow tunnel, crazy old man!!! Love it! We avoided the aframe and dogwalk because if he fell off those it could be bad. He did everything else.

One of my favorite gifts........a cool handmade ornament!!! -
We got tons of snow over the past week! Some photos!!

 Trimmed the hair on the paw on the right. Sure helped stop the snow balls!!!

 He wants to help herd!!

 My fence is shrinking fast!! :O

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