Thursday, December 27, 2012

Warning!! Major vent!

Remember our bathroom re-do? Did I ever mention that here? Our original bathroom was never done well. We had no money back then and it was done as cheap as could be and now we are badly in need of doing it right. Not exactly something we are jumping to do, it is invasive, people, dirt, noise, and a lot of decisions needed to get going on it. But, ...................

............we FINALLY decided to just GO FOR IT and get it done. The old shower was FALLING apart, seriously.

We had plans made, decisions finalized as far as tile, electrical, plumbing, we were ready, we bought the lights, the tile, the vanity. We just needed someone to do it. I suggested we talk to this guy who did work at one of my mid-day dog walk client's homes. Over the years I have seen him do a bathroom (same thing we wanted, a tiled shower), a kitchen re-do and remove some walls and add some windows. All over a few years, this guy has worked for these people and they spoke highly of him. Obviously, they were happy, they continue to have him back. The jobs were all FAST, neat, beautiful jobs!! So, as he was finishing up the last job I asked if he needed some work and would he be interested in our project. I explained how I wanted pretty similar to this client's bathroom and he said to me, sure, but that he did have someone else do the glass work and that it wasn't that expensive. OK, cool! He also explained that he had someone else do the counter tops, which were beautiful marble. We were not doing that, we would buy a pre-made counter top/vanity, so no worries there.

He came and gave us a quote for the work, discussed all our needs and what the job entailed. We asked about the plumbing and did he need someone else to do that and he said no he would be fine doing that (heck, Rich can do plumbing, it isn't rocket science). We told him we already had an electrician and we would be using that guy instead for the wiring. We DO have a good electrician who has done work for us for years and did the addition wiring. Cool. All was cool. He gave us a quote, kind of on the high end, but I saw his work, it was neat and tidy and fast. I didn't want someone who would take forever and not do a good job. I really liked what he did at my client's.

Well.................about 3 days into the job he does something wrong. Not a major deal, but he doesn't frame a wall just right as I specifically said it should be done. That was odd, but no big deal in the grand scheme of things. the end of one day we realize he did the tile floor???? Huh? He had not even finished all the demo, let alone done any sheet rock work. I always thought flooring was the last thing to do???. But, OK, so he wanted to get that going now for whatever reason, again no big deal really in the grand scheme of things. Then he starts on the shower???? Huh? Again, wouldn't that be the last thing to do? We still have more demo and walls to be done???? Has an issue with the plumbing (a leak!!!!!) and nearly causes a major catastrophe, but thankfully it happened while he was here so he caught it and fixed it!!!Then we start noticing he is not neat with his tile cuts or the shower prep work. WHAT????? I mean, seriously, I am thinking are we being too picky??? No, we are not. I want this done RIGHT. This is NOT being done right. In fact, over these few days of Christmas break some of the tiles on the shower floor COME UP!! They did not secure!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!! That is KIND OF MAJORLY IMPORTANT!!!!

I could continue, but you get the idea. This project was WAY over this guy's head. So, he has Christmas off and arrives today and we talk with him. He admits it, way over his head. Um, OK, so what do we DO????? Basically, he decides he can't even fix it, it is really more than he can do. We are not even sure he did the base of the shower right. He takes up the floor today and we sent him packing. He admits to Rich that he did not actually DO the tiling at my client's house. WHAT??????? He told me all he did not do was the glass enclosure. Now he admits he didn't do the tile, the plumbing, the electrical, only the framing and finish work, sheet rock, etc. OMG!!!!! I am SO mad I could spit!!! I feel totally duped!!!!

We may be in for a major expensive fix here if we have to re-do the shower base. I am seriously pissed. Some other tile guys might not want to take on this project to finish it right. It is a serious mess!

We are just thankful that we have another full bathroom to use while this project is now at a complete stop!!! It has been 2 1/2 weeks, the time period he said it would likely be FINISHED!!! WHAT????? We still have demo on some wall sections, totally unfinished tile work on the shower, no sheet rock up. It is INSANE!!!!! I am PISSED!!!!

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