Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our runs from yesterday!

His standard run. LOVE the cheering crowd! This was for Double Q number 17 and I can't WAIT for number 20. I will tell everyone to cheer him on because he LOVES his fan club!!! And for Spur I don't think there will be anything better than HIS victory lap!! The whole room will explode, he has so many fans! And I am pretty sure he will be the very first mixed breed to MACH in this area. I sure don't know any others who are even close. Some more are starting to come up, but when Spur started he was the only one for at least a year.
 We felt good. Together. A team! Still a little cautious entering his poles, but he always is on the rubber flooring. Much better at home about that on the grass. The video starts after the second tunnel, but the start was both tunnels. What a FUN start for Spur!!!! He comes out of that second tunnel blasting! Yeehaa!!

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