Saturday, December 29, 2012

My favorite Christmas gift!!

Well, actually there were quite a few favorites. The hat my friend Kathy made me. Yeah, make me something just for me and that is a favorite, for sure!! Or the book about crows. I am well into it and it is AWESOME!! Did you know crows have extra large brains! I mean, in proportion to their bodies, they have very large brains. They can learn language and songs!! The book is VERY interesting and giving me insight into an animal I never gave too much thought to.
But, seriously, one of my most favorite is this very cool ornament. It wasn't made just for me, so it isn't special like that, but it is SO cool!!! It is handmade, by someone, and I just think it is SO cool!!!

 My days of practicing agility in the yard, getting my exercise running Spur, are over. We got DUMPED on by snow. Nearly a foot and today, even more. Before dark I let the horses out to the pasture to "graze". They actually DO graze, they scratch away the snow to get to the grass below. I don't let them out there too much because really they can damage the grass by digging at it too much, but an hour or so here and there is a special treat for them. And then I locked them up for the night as it is supposed to dump another 6+ inches. Ugh. I used to like snow. Now it is just extra work and the old MinPins just can't get out to exercise. Roscoe wants to, but it is TOO cold and deep for him. We do tricks inside and I'll try to get him to the beach soon, where he can run.
 I clicked, timing was off, but it's still a cool shot............

 This morning's snow shoe produces snow packed and very cold feet for poor Spur. So, I tried trimming the hair between his toes. I did it on the paw on the right, then we headed out for another trip. I guess it worked!! The paw on the left still packed up even though I did use "Musher's Secret", a wax just for that purpose. I have used that in the past with no affect, but I thought I would try it again. I guess I need to do some more trimming! :D

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