Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This will have to do

I never got it together to have Christmas cards made for my clients and referral people. So, I just did my best at a self portrait and sent it to CVS yesterday morning. This is the card. I used stick glue to attach it inside a regular card. Oh well, it was the best I could pull off this year.

 These are the "rejects".

I just can't seem to get anything much organized this year. Re-doing a bathroom is invasive and frustrating and I REALLY can't wait for it to be done. We won't even have a tree and probably will not get our garland up. I managed to bring up some decorations and made some arrangements, but that may be it this year. Heck, we probably won't have anyone over here anyway.

The weather isn't helping me any. I am wet by the end of the day walking dogs and my own haven't had a walk in four days. The Pin Heads are OK with that as they snuggle on the couch and by the woodstove, but little Spur is REARING to go! The horses have been locked in the barn for days, too. It just never stops raining!! I let them out Monday for about five hours, but they ended up soaking wet and I corralled them back in. They have been in ever since. Our windows have leaked, the barn is damp and moldy, I am NOT happy with endless rain. My best waterproof gloves are worn out, so my hands are getting soggy by the end of the day. Bitch, bitch, bitch!!! And little Miss Colby can not just go out and DO her business, she has to stand out there freezing and wet in her strange unhappy, disjointed way. We rescue her. And towel her and hug her dry by the woodstove. Ugh. She just is not a very happy dog these days.

I am longing for some sun, which in summer I would never say, but right now some sun would sure brighten my spirits. It has been days now with no sun and that isn't much fun.

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