Monday, December 17, 2012

I have had so much fun making winter arrangements!! The afternoons last week were so nice, so I just combed my woods/fields/gardens and made some really nice displays!!! Made one for our friend whose husband is sick. Made one for my sister who is going through some tough times. Made one for our front porch and could not resist an indoor one for our window!!!

Funny thing, this cat-n-nine tail must have been JUST about to burst it's seed, because the next morning this happened!!!
I thought it might burst out more as the days went by, but nope it has stayed just like this. 
 I was scolded for not having enough photos of Roscoe last week. Well, I tried, but so many were blurry. So, here are some in the awesome fall light of the little buggar doing his handstand on the woodpile!!! He is SO cute, he LOVES his handstand! He'll do it on anything!

Hah, Spur just could not resist joining in. He doesn't like Roscoe taking the spotlight!
 People always think Spur is a bigger dog. Roscoe is only 9lbs and side by side it shows how wee Spur really is. He is only 13lbs. He just looks bigger with that fur. Of course, Roscoe's tiny, skinny legs sure show what a wee little thing HE is. But, really his hears are probably the same size as Spur! Here he shows them in "flying nun" form! ;D

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