Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh, soon this scene will be gone? Damn it all!!!

I just LOVE the light this time of year. It just makes Spur's coat GLOW! Still struggling with getting certain focus with my camera. I have resigned to the fact that it is a $400 camera and what more can I expect? I guess I expected a little more since it SAYS it can handle motion shot!!???

 I know it is really a matter of timing, too, but seriously he wasn't moving THAT fast!!!
 Are you sick of Spur photos, yet? Too bad, I just think he is the most beautiful dog!!! Love, love, LOVE his tail!!!
 He sure doesn't have the greatest conformation. No neck, short, crooked front legs, but a nice long back and look at that TAIL!!!!
 The light just makes him glow!
 Hey LOOK!! Some action shots, nearly in focus!!!!! OMG!!!!

 Spur is so thankful the geese are still here. He LOVES to flush them from the field and is nearly a good send...........we say........"Spur!! GET EM, GET EM, GET EM!!!" and he is now looking for them, we point in the direction and he GOES!!! Sorry geese, but really it IS time to head south I think??
 The glow, but not in focus, damn it!
 OK, so even blurry, I love it! His mahogany looks like furry flickering flames!
 His feet are on fire!!! ;D
 Managed a shot of sweet Colby looking almost happy hunting rodents. Poor little thing is just not happy much these days. Going blind SUCKS. We ran some other test and all were negative. We just can't figure out what is wrong with her. I have figured out a way to brush her teeth that she tolerates better. One of those rubber finger brushes. She doesn't mind that so much!! Yay!! Now that she will only eat canned food her teeth are just horrible. She won't chew bones or anything hard any more, so keeping her teeth as clean as possible is essential.
We have cut out her morning walks. She is just miserable in the morning, so we leave her home. Sucks. But, we sure don't like dragging her along. In the afternoon she manages to pull herself together and seems to almost enjoy her walks. We actually took her for a woods hike Sunday. She did amazingly well, but I really can not say she had fun? Who has fun going blind? It all just sucks SO bad. She is the nicest little dog. Certainly not your typical, grumpy, protective MinPin. She has always had a stellar personality. As they should have, independent, but friendly. Unfortunately, most MinPins end up like Roscoe. Nasty little buggars. Colby is a perfect personality. Friendly with all people and dogs. It isn't fair she was dealt such a bad deal genetically. Her body has always had issues, her whole life. Certainly, the most expensive dog we have ever had. I hate that she isn't aging gracefully. Poor little thing................

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