Sunday, May 13, 2012

The outpouring of support has been tremendous!

Just a few stories from my dad.......... He stopped at the local store the other day and someone handed him $5000. He goes to this store every day for the paper and the lady was there, waiting for him. The feed store is getting in 100 piglets today. They are setting aside two for him. When he was there someone he doesn't know handed him $100 bill. Someone brought them 10 sheep. An electrician told him when it is time to wire the new barn he will come and do it for free and supply all the materials. He doesn't know this guy. One of his current apprentice's parents live in Chicago and have sent around the fundraiser website to all their friends and family. Hundreds of dollars have come from people in that area. He has never met these parents. The school kids have made cards for him that make him cry. They have many school trips at the farm as informational outings through out the year, with farm tours with the horses and hand's on events. There is a fund raiser even this coming Sunday, which you just know will be a big party bash!!! Dad said it has been a very emotional week. He cries because of the devastation. He cries because of the loss of his horses and other animals. He cries when someone hands him money or gives him a hug. He cries went he reads a card from a kid.

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  1. Wow Amy. I read of the horrific fire but didn't know it was your parents. What a ride they are on. This post made me cry. Such a loss...such an outpouring!