Friday, May 11, 2012

A fund has been set up to help my folks

If you are so inclined. They have a HUGE support system up there, friends, former MOFGA apprentices, customers, school system. Yep, the school kids are planning a fund raiser. Dad stopped at the feed store the other day and the people there just loaded up his truck and sent him on his way. Another farmer offered his manure spreader as this is the time they spread manure. Another one offered his draft horses for the summer as he only uses them in the winter for pulp wood and they are pastured for the summer while he fishes. Someone at the store handed him a $5000 check. I just keep hearing these stories. I can't imagine how strange it is to wake up and not have the barn to go to and the animals to tend to. :( I know he is busy cleaning up and trying to figure out what they are going to do to rebuild, plus getting the gardens planted. So devastating.
Medical Fundaising Made Simple

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