Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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http://www.wabi.tv/news/29882/early-morning-barn-fire-at-gouldsboro-farm My dad is devastated. He spent the day putting up fencing for the remaining animals and installing a water line for those animals. They are lucky the house was spared, even though the barn is across the drive way tires implements on the house side were melted, plastic dog crates by the side of the house are half melted, the garden in front of the porch is singed. He thinks he can rebuild the manure spreader that is seen in the photo. He said the community has been amazing and he even had an offer from a guy to use his pair of draft horses for the summer. The guy uses them on in the winter and puts them to pasture for the summer while he goes fishing. Dad isn't sure he will do that as he will probably be too busy rebuilding and when it is time to hay he may need to get it done as fast as possible since so much time will be wasted rebuilding. The kids at the local school who come regularly for farm tours and education are setting up a fund raiser. There will be a fund raiser in June put on by all their friends and community. I can't even imagine. I know it is horrible for all the animals, but I know it is hardest for my dad losing Gus. Gus would have been 29 this year and he raised him from 6 months old. That is a long relationship and a long time to care for an animal. I have never known that kind of thing and it breaks my heart this tragedy happened. Just a nightmare. :(


  1. our sympathy and prayers to you and your family! I went there in summer of 2008 with your sister, Robin and she was surprised with a birthday cake.

  2. Amy so terribly sad to reaD of your father's devastating loss,some things can be rebuilt ,but his losses are irreplacable I am so sorry.