Friday, May 4, 2012

It's all about shit.

Shit, crap, dung, doo, poo, poop, cukka, manure, plops, waste, droppings, feces, stool, #2, scat, am I missing any? Sometimes my life revolves around it, it seems. I walk dogs all day, picking up their poop in little baggies. I shovel the manure from the horse's stalls, I visit kitties and scoop their waste with a plastic little scoop. Yesterday? I walk the farm past piles of cow poop and that's not all that unusual. The cows get out sometimes. Cows poop. They leave big piles along the way and the dogs enjoy a snack here and there. The photo of the dogs in the new meadow grass is actually them dining on deer dung snacks, but yesterday it was about cow SHIT!!! Not sure when it happened, but I look down and see Spur. COVERED in cow shit. Head to tail he is COVERED!!!! Really not the kind of mess that a quick brushing and little hosing off with do. This is ALL over him and very thick and icky. This requires a full bath.
OK, so living with dogs this happens. Off to the tub. He's clean and tidy and smells good again. What does he do next? Heads out to the yard and rolls in some HORRIBLY stinky worm or bug. One of those that makes an AWFUL stink. It's now 8:00 and I don't have it in me to do another full bath. Luckily this was just on one side and I take a wet cloth and wash it off as best I can. He stinks, plain and simple, he still stinks. This morning, it is better. I brushed him out and he looks clean and only smells mildy bad. OI!!!! SHIT!!!! This is after the bath. What ears!!!!
Here Roscoe found some lovely dear dung snacks in the meadow.

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