Sunday, May 27, 2012

An easy weekend!

The day was spent gardening!! I'll get photos later. For now settle with some birds bathing and Spur playing with his new frisbee. I think he likes it. Blogger's new format is such a pain and I can't figure out how to comment or even see the photos I load here. Damn it!!! Rich bought me a new computer but it is sitting in his office. Not sure why it has to sit like that, it is actually taking up space on the couch in there. I think it would be happier down here working for me, but he told me to have patience. I am not very patient. Some of you know that about me. The blue birds are shy and I had to take those photos through the screen. I think some photographers use "screens" to give fuzzy effects. I would rather it was clear, but I had three little black dogs behind me poised and ready to charge out the door. That surely would have sent the bird flying. After that a house finch or purple finch arrived. Later in the day I was sitting at the patio table and the cow birds arrived. They are not at all shy and bathed even with the dogs staring right at them. Too bad I don't have a REALLY nice camera that would have captured the water droplets in space. Maybe if I had adjusted my settings. Oh well, still cool photos!!! The bird bath was a popular place!!!!

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