Monday, December 30, 2013

Wow, what more can I say?

Christmas is insane. So much shopping, so many parties!! Do you really believe that??? I HATE to shop, so I never left the Internet for my shopping. parties???? Nah, few parties, everyone is too damn busy. We have/had a foot of snow, who has time for parties???? 

We did manage to attend a couple and they were very nice. One host made us remove our shoes because of all the salt put out for the ice. We had some ice. Nothing like my family DownEast, they had so much they lost power. The worst part for us here was removing our shoes at a party, so I can not complain. It messed up my outfit, though, so that was a bummer because I am SO fashion savvy!!! Do you really believe that???? 

We did manage to go out to dinner and to see Bob Marley, the comedian. rich was given tickets. Last year was a blizzard and the show starting at 8 had us tucked in by the wood stove and we never went. This year we went. Had a certificate to the Thai place, so went there first. Left the certificate at home, damn it. Then ended up a bit early for the show, so stopped for a drink. Told the bartender what we were doing and he tells us his last group left for the 7 o'clock show a while ago. WHAT?????? rich looks......yep, show started at 7!!! Doi!!! We only missed the opening act and some of his first skit. He is FUCKING funny!!! Rich nearly dozed off. I guess humor is in the ear of the listener??? I loved it!

Colby had a pretty nice Christmas! I stopped he Prozac and took her shopping with me. OK, so I DID do SOME store shopping, but only at my friend Mary's where Colby could go and visit and have some "fun". Fun for Colby would be killing some small animal, so shopping is not THAT exciting, but it is something. We also stopped at Tractor Supply store and she greeted some rednecks in cammo, who never even patted her. I guess a MinPin in a pink lined coat is not something to associate with if you are a redneck in camo.

We took the dogs to the local park to walk the plowed and sanded areas. Colby was "happy". As happy as she can be with nothing to kill. at least she got out and some exercise. I actually looked on line for live grasshoppers. none. Crickets, yes, but she prefers grasshoppers. 

Spur got out a LOT!!! The snow was good for him, he could run on top of the crust and with rain in the forecast we got out a LOT!!!! 

The cows ventured out. Nope, nothing to eat out there.....

Our wood stove is not functioning right and, boy, am I addicted to that thing. Very sad not having it going right now. The stove guy has not called back. I am afraid of the worst.......crack in the chimney flue????? We did have the cheapest contractor when we built, it was all we could afford, so some things have not lasted. Ugh, at would SUCK, but maybe there is some other explanation for the smoke that keeps puffing out???? We have done EVERYTHING the manual says to try. :(

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