Monday, December 16, 2013

Wow, has it really been a week?

This is a busy time of year. last week has me ragged. All good, I have afternoon walks at the beach with a dog who enjoys Spur's company, so it was a treat for us all! Some amazing sunsets!!! 

I managed to get a tree and put it up!!!! Rich helped, but he is SO busy right now he left most of it up to me. I enjoy it, we have so many ornaments from friends it is fun to remember who gave us which one.

We are now covered in snow. Colby isn't very happy, her world is MUCH smaller and it was pretty small before, but she has moments she seems happy? I don't know. would I be happy if I were her??? I don't know.......

the snow was 1/4 way up the door and over the MinPins head's!!!! We headed to the lean to for them to potty. Ugh. At least we had that. Not ready for this much snow!!!!!!

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