Thursday, January 2, 2014

It is COLD!!!

M4:00 and the temperature is -3. Forecast says -3 overnight. Um, it isn't even night, yet. I think we might get colder. Ugh. Our wood stove has been giving us fits. the manual says "burning wood in a wood stove is not a science, but more an art".

OK, is that their way of saying they don't have answers???? And I sure wish the manual would explain why wood stove people do not return calls. We have calls in to several people, several times and not one has returned our calls. One store had a message saying they were closed this week for inventory, but would check messages and return calls. Huh. OK, so explain to me how you have a wood stove business and you close for inventory during your busiest time?????? I THINK if I had a wood stove business I might want to be open in the winter and close for inventory in the summer????? call me crazy, maybe I don't get it. 

Oh well, we will hone our wood burning art skills as best we can. and heat up the cat's heat disks for their beds. They LOVE those!!!!

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