Monday, December 9, 2013

Some trial runs and some trick training

We are back indoors. The crappy weather has arrived. No more running dog walk work with Jones. At least, not unless something drastic changes with the weather. I put away my dog walk, but not TOTALLY away. Like if I REALLY wanted to I could pull it out. But, Rich probably won't like where it is in the barn, so it will make it's way to one of the lofts where it will stay until spring. Damn it!!!! It was too expensive to leave out. Not sure how hard the cold/snow/ice would be on it, but probably best to store it inside. Sigh........

So, some runs from the past couple weekends. Didn't get all my runs taped. Sometimes it is just a pain getting someone to video. I try to be really accommodating and video friends so then they will video me, but sometimes it just seems hard to annoy someone to video.You will see him knock a bar here. He RARELY knocks bars and sometimes that will freak him out. I love that he just takes it in stride and keeps going, good boy!!!


And some tricks. Working on Spur learning to "walk like a penguin".

Roscoe learning to hold the toy with BOTH hands...


  1. Love the turn off the dogwalk to that table!
    Penguin is so cute :)

  2. Yeah, his DW is pretty perfect. Not as fast as at home, but pretty flawless. I realized I didn't put up Roscoe's trick. I think it's up now.

  3. LOVE the trick videos! One of my favorite things is teaching silly little tricks! I'd like to invite you to join my new blog hop, WinsDat, which is all about showing off your latest training and showing triumphs!