Sunday, December 22, 2013

SO bored!!!!

The weather here is......well....dreadful! Yesterday Spur and I managed a woods hike, but the snow was too deep for him to really leave the path, but at least we got OUT!!! Today, freezing rain all day and crusty, icy footing, I even kept the horses in all day. They are bored, too. the barn cats? Bored. Everyone - bored today!

I did stuff some Kongs with some "dog butter", given to us by a friend. That kept them busy for.....two minutes. I froze some and gave those later. Lasted three minutes. 

I really hate being shut in all day, so hopefully tomorrow we can get out some.

Today, boring.......but Roscoe did get to open one gift, a RAT!!! :D Then Spur stole it!!!!

Poor rat, had no chance!!!

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