Monday, September 2, 2013

Yesterday's winning PSJ run

We were very first dog on the line, which can suck, but we like early mornings! It was cooler and we were fresh. But, the judge forgot to remove the numbers which were on each side of the first pole at the weaves. In PSJ we do either weaves or a-frame twice and in this course it was weaves so for our walk through the numbers are there. Then just before running the judge is supposed to remove them. So, poor Spur avoids them and enters wrong. Judge stops us and lets us restart. Normally that would have bummed out worried Spur, but he ends up doing great!!!

We were third fastest time of all the P dogs and fastest qualifying time! Good little punkin head!!!


I actually think he was faster off the start after that!! :D


  1. Go Spur! I love his ever present cheer leaders!

    1. HAHAHA, LL &V, yeah, Spur has groupies!!!! they all know him and knew he might get worried by what happened, so I think they were extra loud. :D