Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rainy day tricks!

We haven't had a really rainy day in a while. In fact it was starting to get very dry out there. In the woods all the streams had dried up. The farm ponds were slimey and had algae galore! No swimming in algae galore for Spur. So much rain yesterday the moss between the paver stones on the driveway popped out like it had been power washed. Serious rain! The pond looks full and clean this morning! :D

So, we were bored. My book just isn't interesting enough, but not bad enough to stop reading it. I kind of hate that because then I spend my spare time watching dog videos on my iPad or other stupid, unproductive things. The dogs were bored, so we did tricks. So many that they didn't get dinner last night and only half their breakfast. Roscoe looked fat in just one day. :O But, he had fun. He is learning to skateboard. I think he might be starting to get it. Now I need to add speed.

Spur is learning duration on his pee trick. He knows the trick, but not duration. And I want to teach a two handed hold. He has only done a one handed hold before, so we tried for both. He got that pretty quick, now again I need duration.

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