Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I LOVE fall!!

The light is awesome. Even on racing dog bums!!

Tried for a group photo, look whose dogs were BAD!!!

I should have moved to the left some, too many shadows here. Zep is all wet because he tried to cut the corner of the farm road and, well, there is no corner. It just drops into the culvert! He nose dived right into the brambles and stream!! Whoosh!!! I was just glad it wasn't Roscoe. Zep pulled himself out, I would have had to go down to rescue Roscoe. But, Roscoe KNOWS there is no road there. LOL!!

The foxes and skunks are busy digging up grubs. And then they do this!!!!

The birds are busy bathing. This little gal was drying off after a nice bath.
The hydrangeas turn a lovely shade of pink!
All clean and fluffy!!
Hah, NOT Spur! This was one of his worst shit rolls.
Damn it!
He got power washed!

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