Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Love the fall light!!

Geez, STILL having trouble loading photos damn it!!! These took me about 20 minutes! That's NUTS!! And I had more, but they would not load. Damn blogger!!

OK, so I love the fall light except for the squinting.

This was Spur catching a ball Monday when it RAINED all day and we were stuck inside.

See. The photos are not in order!! Double damn it!!! This is a cute young male humming bird. I learned that because that little dot on his neck is the start of the ruby throat, which will take all winter to develop and by next year with be bright red.

The baby cows!! Elsie, Sara and Hazel. I think I have that right???
The ferns in the woods hit by the morning sun.
Ugh, starting to really not like blogger!!!

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