Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fun trial, even if it did run TOO FREAKIN' LATE!

The morning started out with the damn judge "tweeking" the teeter. She tested it and said it was not dropping fast enough, so she added water bottles to it to weight it. That took about 1/2 hour!! Um, why?? Just tape the bottles on and continue!! Well, she ended up taking the bottles off after the first run and said it was miraculously tipping just fine now. OMFG, she is the most insane judge. I must remember that in the future and not enter those trials. Goodness, that teeter is used every single weekend for trials. I think it is set just fine!!!

Luckily, it was a very nice day and the dogs got to play in the fence area with some other dogs, YES, Roscoe actually played with a border collie. I SO wish I had my camera it was so freakin' cute!!! He was seriously playing, play bows and butt scooches. SO cute!!!

The courses were plain and boring, but Spur had a blast. I won't bother boring you with his standard run, there wasn't anything spectacular about it, he ran great. His JWW run was pretty spectacular only because even though it was just a bunch of S curves, there were some areas dogs were going off course or WAY wide. I did a couple of pull behind blinds where I just run in front of the jump and he follows behind me. Those are our thing these days! Keeps me ahead and moving! He loves them! Risky moves, but we do them well because I just keep on trucking out of his way! :D He won this class, which is pretty rare for Spur. His time was pretty good! 16th fastest of ALL the dogs who qualified and this was a full trial, so probably about 200 dogs!! For a dog with really poor construction and thus really poor jumping style, that's pretty sweet!! Good Little Monkey Pants!!

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