Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another thing taking my time lately

Been training a "borrowed" dog to do a running contact. I am having SO much fun!! He is super smart and very fast. This is Jones, a very cool dog!

The first video is his second time at full height and first time running with me. I helped his handler train to this point and then she went off to college, so I am continuing. He has had a 2o2o for many years and is a top competitor. Second place at AKC Nationals last year. So, he is figuring out his footwork at speed, which he has never done before. Stopping requires a lot of collection, so learning to run it comfortably at speed is taking a little time, plus of course figuring out we want him to hit the contact. LOL!!

Two weeks later, I think he has it pretty well figured out!! :D

So, yesterday we tried having his mom run him. She doesn't run like me, but that isn't really the issue. It takes time to learn how to handle a running dog walk. She just doesn't have her verbal rhythm down, yet, so a few more tries and I think she will improve. He needs verbal driving all the way to the tunnel still.

And a little video of him at full speed with me VERY excited about his success!!! :D Very smooth!!

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