Friday, July 5, 2013

Why the negative posts?

I posted this group of photos of this beautiful grey fox last night on facebook. Someone posts....."too bad they carry mange". Really? Does this fox look mangy???? He/she looks quite healthy and beautiful! Geesus, WE carry viruses and diseases, but when you see a beautiful photo of a person does the first thing come to mind..........."Huh, could get a nasty cold from that person". I know, I can sure be Negative Nelly at times, but really, this fox looks very healthy! And is amazingly beautiful! Striking coloring!

 They did this last year.......they come out at dusk and eat the little brown beetles that are hatching out this time of year. They spend about an hour just chowing on them! My Colby will eat those in the dog yard.
 And then this morning I post the swallow babies looking very hot in their house. Someone posts........."ugly little things". Really??? Any uglier than YOU were as a baby??? Seriously, when someone posts a new born baby photo, are they REALLY cute??? No, new borns are ugly! Shit, uglier than these cute little birds!! LOL!!!
 Seriously cute!!!!

 OK, done with my rant. Now for some happy flower photos. I love the California poppies. They seed and volunteer every year now and are such a happy little flower.
 My garden is going to explode with color now that we have sun!

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