Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Funny computer

It changed my font?? It is now larger. Everywhere?? Ghost?

OK, so I decided I HAD to learn how to dock the boat. This was my first lesson and second success. It is not easy. I am not sure there are enough lesson days out there. :P

 We scooted over to check out the lettering on the sailboat. Looks SWEET!!

 OK, here is how awesome my zoom is. See the tiny bare tree top?
 This was sitting on it!
 OK, now that the grass is so tall the dog's world just got smaller. This is what we see.
 This is what they see.
 A few days and these baby swallows are HUGE!!!!
 Don't jump out little fella........

 There are still three in there, one just doesn't get pushy I guess. It is thriving, though.
 Still can't manage to get the cedar waxwings with the berry in their mouths.
 Another motion shot fail. He was chasing the pipers out of the newly turned over soil. Talk about 4 wheelin' it dude!
 It was only empty for a minute! I clean it daily when I change the horse's water trough.
 A pretty hybrid echinacea.
 A fledgling blue bird.
 And one more baby swallow, cus they are just SO darn cute!

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