Monday, July 8, 2013

So many things to photograph this weekend!

The baby swallows look like they have had lip collagen treatments, LOL!!

 So cute!!
 Getting hot and stretching out.

 TOO hot! It was 97 that day out there. :O

 Oink, oink......

 OK, really? You decide to take root on the top of the post?
 Mom bringing lunch.
 A phoebe. Hard to photograph grey birds,.


 I guess it is called preening

 Hah, lunch just arrived without being captured. Thanks spiderweb!
 Handsome dude!

 The old man......
 Silly looking things.

 And, a THIRD shows up!!! Poor thing probably isn't getting as much food, but I have seen that happen and they still thrive!! You GO number three!!

 Someone enjoys the fresh pool!

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