Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The heat finally broke! I don't DO heat well. I don't do it at ALL. I was useless. Kept the AC going in the office, sat up there in the middle of the day, slept up there. It sucked, really. I just HATE the heat. I live in Maine for a reason and the heat isn't part of it. 
Sunday it finally broke and I enjoyed my patio again. My garden is in full bloom and looks lovely, although it needs some tending. I just couldn't do it in the heat. 
These red rudbeckia are beautiful, but very tender looking. Not hardy like some of the yellow ones. I think hybrid plants are just not hardy enough for my garden. Too much dog pee!

 My monkshood? It is hardy and I am getting a little tired of it. I dug up a lot of it last year, but still have plenty. It isn't a good cutting plant and maybe that is my feeling about it. I don't know, it gets old after a while, too big, too cluttered.
 Still trying for that fantastic hummingbird photo. They only drink for 30-60 seconds, so I have to work fast. And the sun always seems to be on the wrong side.
 A cute pair of goldfinches enjoyed the monkshood.
 Huh, I think that's it's tongue! They say they have forked tongues.
 Also, still trying for the cedar waxwings with a berry in their beak.
 Amazing looking bird!

 I struggle with photos from the boat coming out in focus because the boat moves. We had a LOVELY boat ride Sunday with friends. Every angle we looked was the same, incredible island views just like this. Casco bay is an amazing place!

It is raining today and while that stinks, I am happier than when it is HOT. At least I feel like I can DO things in this weather. It gets old if we get it day after day, but for now it isn't so bad.

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