Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I was contacted by the AKC rep in charge of canine partners. Their silly name for mixed breeds. She wanted a bio and photos for their newsletter. I sent her three photos and she chose this one and said it looked like a professional one and could I ask the photographer for permission to use it. Hah! I said....."Oh that's MY photo, so you CAN use it!!". Cool that she thought it was a professional photo! It IS a good one! One of my favorites!

She also told me that Spur is definitely the first MACH mixed breed in New England, if you don't count PA. She's from the south, she didn't know. Goodness, what about geography in high school???? I suppose PA is north of the Mason-Dixon line and part of the Northeastern states. How do I know that? High school geography! LOL!!!
Pretty cool that Spur is a first in something! Our trial secretary for the area thought he was, but she wasn't totally sure. There are a few other secretaries for New England. There are some really cool mix breeds all over the country and in other areas many more than in New England. I checked, he isn't even a top 25 this year. There are actually two mix breed dogs attending this weekend's "unofficial World Championships" in Belgium. How cool is THAT????? Technically known as the European Open. This year Worlds are being held in South Africa and since that means many dogs would have to be 18 hours in a crate to fly there and it is SO unsafe there, most people are not going. So, this year many are considering the EO this year's World Championships. I'll be watching live stream!!! Go MIX BREEDS!!

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