Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lots of photos

I had the day off!! Spent it taking photos, LOL!! The birds are SO happy today, we finally have sun and warm/hot weather. Too hot for me, but the birds are all happy. They were singing so loud they woke me up at 5:30 damn it!!

 Roscoe enjoyed some sunbathing.
 Then got an itch on his foot.
 Hahahaha, he even bites himself!

 Gave them newly thawed, cold rib bones in the heat.
 The baby swallows are active and hungry. A whole dragonfly?

 Pretty snapdragons......

 I tried to get the cedar waxwings while eating the honeysuckle berries, but was not successful.

 My yard ornament is aging nicely.
 A pretty sign of summer........

Even the cowbirds were busy drinking from the water trough.

 Poppy seed heads!
 This cow bird even dipped his neck in the water!

 Pretty birds!
 Roscoe fell in the pond. He can't swim!
 Trying to rub the water off.

 We then all had a dip in the cool stream. Ahhhhhh............

 And then saw THIS fellow!!! Maybe he will be more successful. No calves this year.
 I thought these photos were cool. They are untouched, they blurred like this because I was zooming through my lily greens. Gave it that blurred, altered/softened look!

 This fellow kept landing on my garden bee ornament.


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