Wednesday, September 12, 2012


 Roscoe's V-BTA test, which stands for Veterinary Bladder Test Analytes, and tests for certain chemicals that indicate bladder cancer was positive. However, there were a few red blood cells in his urine and that could affect the test as a false positive. There is a 21% chance of that. If it had been negative, that is a strong result and we would say he didn't have bladder cancer. A positive means we need to do further testing. Which means an ultrasound of his bladder. Oh boy, that sounds really fun!! NOT! I asked if dogs usually need sedation and they just said sometimes. I think sometimes a dog doesn't like being touched or made to lie flat and still. Hmmm, what are YOUR thoughts about this for Rotten Roscoe!!! He will not have anything to eat before hand, which means, food all day since the first appointment I could get is at 2:45 tomorrow. We are in for a FUN day tomorrow............double NOT!!!!

So, in honor of Rotten Roscoe I'll post a few photos. I really need to organize my photos more and put them in files/folders so that each dog has their own and they are easier to find.

This one is his competition obedience sit stay next to an Irish Wolfhound!! OMG, it was a sight to see!!! This was his last leg and his CD. He stayed. The Irish Wolfhound never even looked at him.
 I love this shot, he looks so young and adorable, almost sweet! We don't say that much about Roscoe. Looks are deceiving.

 His very first Novice A leg. First place with a score of 197 1/2. She told me she could take away my Q because I had that collar on him. It had a name plate. That is against the rules. Could be advertising, I guess. She was a bitch, but she did like him and told me his stand for exam was the cutest she had ever seen. He would jump into it and kick his back legs before planting solidly. :D

 He won many costume contests. You can see why!!!

He modeled for Pet Edge and made $60/hour!!!

 He was FAT when I first got him!

He heels so perfectly!

So, if he does indeed have bladder cancer there isn't much we can do. We treat with anti-inflammatory meds and keep him comfortable. That is the form of "chemo" for it. Surgery is risky and results are poor. Kuna lived for a year on the meds!!! :D I may have to invest in some belly bands (doggie diapers). Oi! Or maybe this is a false positive. Wish me well tomorrow. Handling Roscoe for vet procedures is always a challenge.

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  1. Sending you BIG well wishes for the BIG man in the little body! I hope he is one of the 21%...