Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More hard homework!

These courses are really, really hard for us. I had to break it down several times. This is our first time running the whole thing! He did fine, but his speed at the start with all those pushes and also the jumps after the a-frame are not that fast. She said I could try doing some pole to pole wrap work with stick in the ground poles set far apart to try to get him driving with more speed toward them. Just easy, fun, ball tossing work. Plus, she wanted to be sure I was doing lots of ball tossing while working this course. I did some when I broke it down, but now I am thinking not enough. So, I am going to try to do that and get this course going with some more speed and happiness. He SURE is happy on that last straight line and his DW. I totally succeeded in making that DW a happy thing, so I just need to make these jumps as happy. Lots and lots and lots of ball throwing for the jump work.

He sure is getting speedier about some things. And that weave entry is killer, good boy! Funny little guy has to take a stop for something on the ground after the weaves. That doesn't help me as I end up too far ahead. Still, all in all he did quite well on this hard course.

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