Thursday, September 20, 2012

Some runs from last weekend's USDAA trial

OH, so close on both gambles. The one in this video you will see he gets to the teeter and a sun spot gets him. There are these 5x5 windows at the top of the building and wouldn't you know the sun comes in and zeroes in on the teeter. He bailed. The other gamble isn't on this video, but he did really well, missed one jump. Most dogs didn't go as far out as he did, so I was really pleased with our gambles this weekend, even though no q's.

Jumpers was tough and many dogs just came SHOOTING out of that straight tunnel. Thanks to Silvia's homework he came pretty nice and tight! Good boy! Messed up that one jump, so no q, but he recovers and finishes happy, YAY!!!

The standard he won and I am VERY pleased with his table. Table after the teeter is always a bummer for him and sometimes causes a refusal to down. He lost only a couple seconds there, YAY! We don't have much competition in his jump height, so even when he loses a couple seconds he can win. :P

It was a good trial for him, he ran GREAT and HAPPY. He likes that place. Busy, crowded, loud. His kind of trial!!!

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  1. Thanks L, L and V!! Although, I can't see you comment showing up here?? Strange? Maybe it will pop up later.