Wednesday, September 19, 2012

50 MPH winds make for a bad night's sleep

Miss Colby Carlson was scared. I brought her downstairs at about 11:00 to sleep in her snuggle sack there, which is sometimes her better place if we are tossing and turning, which I am sure I was as the winds were scaring me some. At about 1:30 she starts whining at the bottom of the stairs. I bring her back to bed, but she won't settle. She is shaking and whining. OI!!! I grab my pillow and her and head to the couch. She curls up next to me and falls fast asleep. Why was the couch so much better??? It actually seemed louder downstairs???? I managed to doze off some, but damn it the winds were LOUD!

My dogwalk fell over and broke some, but it is still useable maybe for the rest of this season. Then I need to make some new planks. One tunnel broke free of it's tunnel holders and probably took flight as it is the light fabric kind and ended up at the FAR end of the pasture wrapped around a fence post. I'm tired. A good morning to take a short job, but I'm too tired.

So, instead I will play with some of my trial videos from the weekend. For now, here is jumpers. The ending got cut off, which is OK since we did miss one jump, so NQ'd on this tough course, but I was VERY proud of how tight he came out of that straight tunnel. Thanks to Silvia's homework we have worked on that! Most dogs shot FAR out of the tunnel and went WAY wide there. Spur kept up good speed and looked great, really. I also like how I managed to get out of his way and just run on my blinds and fronts. Good ME!

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