Friday, September 28, 2012

The light is SO nice this time of year!

The trouble for ME is capturing the image I want. I tried to get some shots of the horses running to the lower pasture. These were the best I got! Timing, it is all about timing!

 Do you call that a Rooster Tail? I do!

 Spur got silly as we headed out to do a little training and jumped on my tunnel that was folded up so rain would not get in and the wind would not blow it away. I decided to try for a portrait, the colors were so brilliant with the bright, low fall light. Roscoe decided I must be asking for his handstand and held that position the whole time, silly dog!
 Trouble is the light makes them squint. It makes Colby pretty much just close her eye. Poor thing. She really has a tough time of it these days and is probably nearly blind most of the time. Sucks.
 It looks like Roscoe might be saying something to Colby and it probably isn't nice. She might be nearly blind, but she can still read his body language!!! She's such a good dog and he is mean to her sometimes. He is just an asshole, sometimes. OK, most of the time? He is like that irritating, uncoordinated bully on the playground. Picking on the weaker kids.
 The sky, SO blue!!!!
 It really is all about timing. OH do I love this shot, but he started coming towards me sooner than I was ready, so the only thing in focus are the bits of grass in the foreground. Damn! This is such a Spur moment, happy, happy, happy to be out on such a beautiful afternoon! We really do love this time of year. No bugs, not hot, just perfect weather! Although, it does sound like we are in for about 3 days of crappy weather. It has been a good week, though, so far! The colors are tremendous, the air crisp and cool. My most favorite time of year! I don't have to lather myself with sunscreen and bug spray. I feel energized and the dogs do, too!!!

 Again, it is all about timing. This beautiful little hawk flew up on a branch near us on our walk. I got this silhouette shot and then managed to walk on the other side for a sun brightened shot, but by the time I zoomed in and started to focus it left.

This weekend is the USDAA Nationals. I went last year, all the way to Louisville KY. This year it is in Denver. Outside. It would have meant a plane ride for me and Spur and outside???? What??? Denver can have SNOW this time of year. I am envious when I see the HUGE soccer fields the event is taking place on, but then my friends show photos of the storms and there has been rain. I think the crating is simply under big tents. Brrrrrrrrrrr..............I mean most of the time I guess the temps have been good, but rain means damp and a chill and that just doesn't seem good. They do have some field turf to run on and that must make it really nice. LOVE field turf, but running in rain and dealing with all that doesn't make me wish I were there. In fact, I am not even watching the live feed on the computer. I might buy the video on demand and watch the finals, but it is TOO nice out around here to be sitting inside watching live feed.

I don't know, I guess I am just not that much of a championess seeker. I think Spur is a champion. He has conquered his fears, learned to really love the game, sometimes post really awesome times, but champion? He just isn't that fast or that well put together to be champion. If the real champions mess up, yeah, Spur has a chance, but that would be his only chance. I just don't see championness in his future. I never did! I saw a cute little worried dog who I could hopefully bring out some confidence and joy in and I sure have done that and that makes him a champion to ME! And to many others! The Spur Fan Club is HUGE and growing all the time. He has so many fans!!! Someone I don't even know last weekend at the trial asked me how close he was to his MACH. I said I think about 6 double Q's. She said I had to promise to tell her if she was there, during a possible MACH run weekend. OK. I will. I will make sure everyone knows. Some people don't want everyone to know, but I do. Spur LOVES his fans and the more to cheer him on, the better. I know people get all quiet and hold their breaths during possible MACH runs, but I'll be sure to tell everyone to cheer loud and long for him as that is our best chance to run fast and clean!!! :D

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