Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spur's running session from Sunday

You might want to turn down the volume. Douce is barking in the background. We used that to help Spur. He had a bad meltdown coming into the building this time. Not sure what got him, but he was all down and wierd. I wasn't sure we were going to get anything out of him, so I am very pleased with this session. I see more success early on. Still too many jumps, but some fairly good speed for being in a bit of a funk. Apparently this work is rewarding enough that he snaps out of it. I really wanted to see more speed and confidence this time, but I am VERY happy he worked through his funk. :D

Last session was definitely improved speed with several 7 strided DW's. Ultimately, I know his comfort zone would be 6 strides, but 7 is pretty good. When he runs it with 8 strides I see him really work to adjust to hit the contact, 7 strides looks easier. 6 strides looks relaxed, fast and comfortable, so ultimately I think that may be our goal. However, I really don't care much about strides, so long as he is confident and happy. At the trial last weekend I think he had about 10 strides because his up and top part were slow, but he had good speed coming down and there was a 45 degree turn and he ran all the way through the contact even with me pulling off a little, so that's just FABU!!!

There is a yahoo group discussing running DW's and they got on to the difference between rotary gallop and transverse gallop. Um........WHAT??? OK, I DO know the difference, but guys, I study Spur's stride a LOT and I can tell you I have no idea when he runs his DW what form he takes. He definitely has his back feet closer together than is ultimate. A rotary gallop allows for the feet to hit the ground in more places with back feet seperated and therefore no jumping, but HELLOOOOOOOOOO Muffin Heads.............WTF???? I just can't see what's going on when I am running, when Spur is running, when I am tossing the ball, it's all just a bit of a blur. Thus the hit-it boards. I need that sound to tell me when he hits it. Plain and simple, I just can't see it. Some say they can hear their dogs in a rotary gallop vs a transverse gallope. OK, your dogs must have heavier foot falls than mine. ME, I have too heavy a foot fall, so I can't hear wee Spur's foot fall. OMFREAKINGOD!!!! The mind starts to spin.


  1. He's looking great! At the trkman seminar this past week someone asked exactly about that and Silvia just laughed. Don't make criteria too strict :)

    Out of curiosity, what is the link to that yahoo group? I like obsessing over RCs and would like to join!


    It's very interesting!