Sunday, February 13, 2011


We made it to the beach!! My thought was a nice 2-3 hour walk at OOB, but when I checked the weather it said 23 degrees and a wind chill of about 12. Hmmm.........the poor Pin Heads! So, we opted for a shorter walk at Scarborough beach. Also, figured there would be less "traffic". OK, that wasn't so!! It was "MOBBED"!! I don't know the last time Scarborough beach has been so busy. We ran into at least a half dozen dogs, maybe more. But, I am very pleased to say there were no issues. Spur had to be called off one attack attempt, but really it was lame. He was strengthened by George's attempts to get the other dog to play and made moves to go in and stop that play, but I called him off. The other dog did NOT want to play, so we kept going and all was well.
The next situation was heading out along the path, we met three dogs coming in. And the path is small right now!! Basically, one person wide because of the deep snow. I stepped off into the 2' of snow on the side to let them pass us, but Colby managed to have a stand off with one cute dog. She FREAKED and screamed, silly girl. She doesn't see well enough to read their body language (which looked to me like an attempt to play), so I had to call HER off and apologize, but really nothing came of it. Geez, poor thing I should have just picked her up. Trouble is sometimes a tiny dog in someone's arms is more stimulating and intriguing to a dog on the ground, it is almost worse.
Spur, he was fine, good boy!!! Maybe he did learn something during that last fight.
It was COLD! Windy and COLD. The Pin Heads shivered most of the walk and I felt bad for them. Spur, he was deliriously happy to run and run and run! He SO loves the beach!! And it was really low tide, so there was plenty of beach!!!

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