Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I know he likes it!

But, sometimes I have to remind myself. After one of our "special" meltdowns, I can't help but wonder. What happens to us? We just turn into a mess, ghosts and goblins come out and haunt us and we melt..........down. I know it's a relationship thing. He doesn't trust me. We have had SO many things go wrong, it's just eerie!! I have never, ever dropped a clicker on the Pin Heads. Never have they been stung by hornets that nested in a tunnel. Never (well, of course, they don't have tails) did they get a tail crunched under the teeter. NEVER!!!

Spur, these things happen to. He now doesn't even want to play ball in the livingroom where he catches it as I sit in the recliner. His absolute favorite game! I brought out treats. Catch it, get a treat. He recovered. He likes his treats. I know we can work through these funks, but it's SO hard!!!

I need a reminder. That he DOES like it -

Sorry for the shaking, Lisa probably hadn't eaten. She gets that way, forgets to eat. HUH??? I don't think that has ever happened to ME. I don't forget to eat. LOL!!!

He does like it. I have others, but I wanted to show a video with me in shorts!! OH happy day!!! I am stiff from all the bundles of clothes I have to wear these days. It was COLD yesterday and I was bundled up! Oh I hate the heat, but I do like wearing LESS clothes.

We can do this. We can recover and get our groove back. I hope.

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