Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love comes early, since these guys don't know the calender.

I tried to attach a "handle" to the valentines, but they never hung right. They drooped down too much. Maybe if I had attached the "handles" lower. I wanted the dogs to look like the hearts were attached to their noses, but that really didn't work out.....
It just worked better having them hold them from the tops.
Colby wishes I had closed the shades, so her eyes wouldn't water and have to squint so much, but she's a good little girlie and held firm to her heart!!!!

Um, strange photo. Colby looks like a vulcan, poor thing, and about twice the size of Spur. He's actually three pounds bigger than she is. Weird optical illusion going on.........The sun was so nice and warm on a very cold morning, the last thing I wanted was to close the shade, but poor little Colby. She squints so much in bright sun these days, she pretty much has to just close her eyes. Sucks. Sucks to have your sight going. She's not even 12, yet, and in great shape in every other way. Why couldn't her hearing go first? Anything, but the eyes. It's such a bummer.

Yeah, yeah, where's Roscoe? Holding things in his mouth stresses him out. Why? I haven't a clue, but he isn't happy about it. He does "put away yer toys", if he has to, but he doesn't like doing it. He will pick things up VERY gingerly. He does play with toys, but he is particular about it. Tugging only occurs with JUST the right toy and just the right force and at just the right moment. He's a funny guy. I did teach him a formal retrieve with a dumbbell, but it took maybe a year before he was really solid about holding it. And even then he would tend to paw at it. Anxiety, I guess. He's pretty cute about retrieving it, he charges out and returns FAST, but holding for any length of time he stresses. He would not hold a heart. Hmmmm.........

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