Friday, July 23, 2010

Really? He wants to get warm in the sun!!!???

I mean, really, it's like 90 degrees out and he has to go bake on the flag stones? Seriously, I worried his thin skin would burn? He didn't last long and was at the door panting to come in. He SO loves to be warm.He may not have lasted long because of the crazy land rape going on down the street and the noise and blasting and wierd sounds big scary trucks make may have driven him off his baking stones.

Construction has begun across the street. Poor Gladys is screaming from her grave, yelling at her greedy nieces for selling out. Which is money I am sure they haven't even seen, yet. Poor Mary, our 83 yo neighbor, living in the middle of it. Seriously, the asshole contractor is putting roads on both sides of her cute little cape. How insensitive!!! Like I would expect a land rapist to be? Sensitive? Strange thing is I SO love the trees gone. I LOVE open land and all those crazy oak trees felled kinds of makes me smile. I wish it was going to be grassed over for hay fields, but nope, tiny little plastic houses to perpetuate our mortgage crisis. What was our little town thinking????? No one knows, really. It is an unknown. Our little town survey said we want to keep our farmland, but the town didn't listen. The rapist doesn't have the financing to get this done, either. How did this get passed? We ask you this, Town of Cape Elizabeth. We checked. He has less than $900,000 to start this project. HUH? We are talking road work and sewer extension. I wonder how in the heck our world can get into such a mortgage crisis, then I see this happen. Makes one go hmmmmm......... Cape Elizabeth - perpetuating it all. Sad. The rape of the land is permanent. I mean, really, will the little plastic houses he builds be torn down some day and farm land plowed there again? Doubtful. Sorry Gladys, but if you hadn't been so suspicious we could have figured this out with your beloved land. Oi! But, heck with the rates so low maybe we should refinance. YAY for our recovering economy! Or maybe we buy one of the over 100 homes for sale in this little town. Thanks Cape Elizabeth for deciding it was best to start building another 24 homes. We SO need them here! **Poking my eyes out with hot metal prods!!***

Want a cute little pit bull? OK, I don't have all the details on this little girlie, but she is THE sweetest and cutest little pit bull girl, about 1-2 years old!! She was over-whelmed in a home with a bunch of kids and two other dogs. She gets a little nervous about loud noises and too much activity, but shows no aggression at all. She simply retreats. So, she is being fostered in a quiet home with one other older dog and doing GREAT!!! She is small, about 40lbs is my guess, very active, but has a nice "off" button. Smart as a whip and would make someone a great partner! Absolute luv bug! Interested? I'll try to get more details. She is in Cape Elizabeth with one of my clients.

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