Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I just had THE nicest compliment!

I walk a neighborhood with a ton of dogs in it. If you don't like dogs, this isn't the neighborhood for you! I LOVE it. I walk a golden every day there. As I was passing a house with an australian terrier, his human yells out to me "HI Amy". I stop to chat for a minute. She tells me she has to say of all the people she sees out walking dogs, and she sees a lot pass by her house, I am the only one who looks like I am having fun and enjoying myself. :D I thanked her ever so much!

I DO enjoy my job. I LOVE to be out and about walking and I like walking at a brisk pace, especially with an active dog. So, I know what she means. I see folks out walking their dogs who just drag their feet and looking totally bored and tired and self absorbed. Or are chatting on a cell phone or listening to music. HUH? This is a beautiful neighborhood with kids, dogs, awesome flower gardens. Lovely neighborhood where folks wave and say HI and dogs greet and walk together. It's a fun neighborhood to walk. I SO enjoy my walks there and the golden and I walk with a spring in our step and move out and enjoy it!! We walk.......with purpose and with some place to go. It's what I do. I walk very few dogs who just want to plod along. Some do, but most want to move out!!!

The nicest compliment I have gotten in a while!!!

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