Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We are off!!!!

Heading to Harrisburg PA today for the AKC Agility Nationals!!! Spur qualified easily last year so off we go to kick some mixed breed butt at a class all breeed show!! He isn,t really  competitive, but we plan  to run as well as we can. My only reseration is there is only one run a day!!! Um, boring.............I am wonderring why I do this? Sure, I like watching agility, but ALL day and mosttly the same course???? 

Spur will get to run on dirt and that will be nice, we both like that. We run on rubber so much around here. My  plan was to do some hiking in the area, but the weather looks absolutely dreadffful. Rain, rain, and more rain!!! So, I drive 9 hours to do one run a day and get trapped in a farm complex watching the same agility over and over on dirt. Um, I call this a vacation????

Maybe I am making this not sound so good, but last yearr we had a week on St. Thomas. You decide.

One thing is for sure, the snow better be mostly gone from my yarrd by the time I return!!!!

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  1. Good luck!!! Maybe I'll see you? I just got here a few hours ago for the obedience rings this sat/sun. My drive was quite a bit longer though!