Sunday, March 16, 2014

Too cold and windy!!!!

Beautifl sunny day, but the temperature is dropping and the winds are picking up. Cold enough that our plans to ski were scrapped! I considered a morning beach walk, but very glad I scrapped that, too!!!! 

so, what to do with myself and the dogs????? MORE trick training???? They love it, but I am really getting tired of being inside. I guess more house cleaning. You might think my house was clean, but nope I end up reading or watching silly videos, or checking Facebook. BORED!!!!! 

I bought a new Dremel yesterday, so I am excited to try it. Can you read how bored I am??????? Excited to try a new Dremel!! That is BORED!!!!! This one was only $20 and is corded, so that may prove challenging, but my mini mite cordless is no longer working well and we have gone through several batteries. 

theses two are excited, too!!! Can you tell?

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