Sunday, March 23, 2014

I KNOW, too long between posts!!!

I don't really have anything new to report. The endless winter is hanging on tight. That makes for depressing times, honestly. Tired of no sun, cold days and TOO much snow. And, to make it worse now we start getting mud!!!! But, I do feel  hopeful. This morning we had a lovely beach walk,with tons of seagulls for Spur to chase and dim light so Colby could go. 

We are seeing more and more bluebirds, but I don't really have any pictures more fabulous than previous ones. 

We are getting ready for AKC Agility Nationals in PA next week. Colby and Spur got baths. Colby needs it, not because she isgoing, but because she sheds SO much it  helps to bathe herr a bit more. So, Spur is all  clean and fluffy and paws are trim and neat. I need to pack   today. We are a littleworried about  theweatherr. Saying a possiible EastCoast blizzard the  days we want to travel. How nice!!!! >:/ I just LOVE this winter!!! Oh is Sppring now!!!!!  WTF!!!!

Colby wears a bathrobe after her bath. 

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