Thursday, January 9, 2014

The cold just makes everything take LONGER!!!

Goodness, it has been cold. It means turning off my barn hot water in the basement every night, then on again in the morning. Heating up disks to put under the kitties beds. Adding warmer packets to my mittens. Warming up the car. All those little things just add up and make a day go by SO fast!! Then we light the woodstove and sit in front of it (80 degrees! Yeah!) and never leave until bed. LOL!!!

At least, we haven't shoveled snow in a week. YAY!!

So, a few videos. First, Spur's run from Sunday. I pulled off too quick on the FC before the chute, but other than that he ran great, good boy! Table to teeter, not his favorite, but he did fine.

I played around with Coach's Eye editing program. Time consuming, but kind of cool....

Some trick work to keep the dogs busy, they are SO bored when it is SO cold.......

Colby, now nearly completely blind, plays with her ball!!! We do this morning and night for her......

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