Friday, January 24, 2014

Some videos

It is STILL SO COLD. So, no long walks for us lately. The dogs are BORED!! So, we work on tricks. The mental work totally tires them out nicely!!! :D Roscoe STILL isn't totally figuring out the skateboarding, but it is better!!! The hopping is cute!!! Funny style, but perhaps he is still worried about his toes getting run over? The barrier helps, but he needs more practice.

Spur working on independent hand stand. I let him cheat too much because he then stretches his legs way high and it is SO cute!!! But, he needs to work on lifting himself a bit more. That takes some strength and balance, so not easy to do.

Jones' latest running dogwalk work. We are using the carpet to hide the contact and  try to get him to stop making the unnecessary adjustments on the down. It is working, but I need to not work on handling after. He doesn't need it, he is very responsive, so we just need him driving more and feeling it without trying too hard. He is nicely in if he just runs. The carpet is working, but he doesn't drive as nicely on this DW probably because it isn't rubber? It is a little slippery. But, if we work on just straight, easy exits and driving forward I think he would be back to his good footwork. Can't do much, this place is an hour drive. This session was three sessions with at least 10 minute breaks. I would never do this many reps at home. But, there will be no work at home for a very long time, damn winter. It is horrible here. Solid snow pack, really cold, just not nice weather. I am not happy about this winter, it is too cold for even woods hikes at the moment. >:/

I can't remember if I put here Spur's latest penguin trick. This was last week. We have only worked on it once, since then and are not much farther along. This is a tough trick, so it may take a while for independence. When I click he grounds his front feet, so I am trying to get him to stay up even after the click and take the treat and keep trying. It is SO cute!!! One of the cutest tricks, I think!!!!

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