Saturday, January 18, 2014

Before anyone else!!!!

We went to the beach!!! The beach where dogs must be on a leash no longer than 4 feet. SERIOUSLY!!!! we kept the Pin Heads on flexes, with Roscoe being deaf and Colby blind, they are just safer on leashes, but Spur got to run!!!! He ran and ran and ran and ran, although strangely there were no shore birds to chase. Usually there are some seagulls willing to give him a game, but today only a pair of loons floating off shore.

SO glad we did that, then it snowed all day. I am SO bummed, the farm and trails were just clear enough for Colby. And the old golden I walk during the week was starting to have more walking in his area. damn this snow!!!!! Spur has great fun in it, but the old dogs do not. And Spur has fun without snow, so I am SICK of it!!!

Spur says... "Bring it on!!!!"

My paperwhites finally decided to bloom after MONTHS!!! goodness, but then they toppled over, so I cut some. Pretty, smelly flowers.

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