Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh, still no sleep

It is nuts. We are working on week two of her prozac with no change, but did not expect any, yet. She IS, however, drinking more and more and that is really concerning. We head back to the vet to recheck her strange high BUN value. 

She is obviously upset. And obviously going more and more blind. But, what ELSE is wrong with her??? That is what I want to know. I want to be sure she isn't feeling bad because of something other than the blindness. 

When she is nervous she has always stood over the other dogs. She did this with Jess, even though Jess was definitely the "alpha" dog. She now does it with Spur. It is an odd behavior. I don't think it is anything "dominant", but some way of getting comfort from her pal. Sometimes she steps on him and pulls his hair, he just gets up and moves to another spot, where she sometimes just goes and starts over. Very odd.

 She will even nearly sit on him. He's a good boy! She certainly does NOT try this with Roscoe, LOL!!!

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  1. Poor girl :( I knew a dog who used to do the stand over thing as well. Not a dominant dog at all so I also think it was a comfort think for that dog. so interesting!